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Welcome to the World of Centillion®

Providing flow technology to the Chemical & Biotechnology sectors.

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Technology Overview

Centillion® is a new flow chemistry system of precision-engineered modules that when connected, enable chemical, biochemical and bioprocessing companies to create productive and sustainable continuous processes to occur in the lab and at production scale. With these, the control of fluids in innovative ways is possible allowing repeatable, productive and sustainable product manufacture.

Our mission is to seamlessly digitise this experience, liberate your creativity and change how industry develops and scales materials.

  • Seamless scalability from lab to manufacturing
  • Right-First-Time manufacture with less need for workup
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market
  • Sustainable, safe, fast and reproducible continuous processes
  • Add capacity instantaneously with a stand alone or a complete manufacturing system
  • Process Intensification with continuous flow technology for consistent product quality and control
  • Significant reduction in plant footprint, OPEX and CAPEX

Centillion® Features

The modular engineering of our products push the envelope of what's possible


The Centillion® building blocks can be configured to meet the needs of the chemistry and your processes. The modular engineering allows ease of maintenance, as well as flexibility in asset management, or the rapid changeover in multi-purpose plants


Engineered to create a plug flow regime required by your chemistry, with precisely controlled energy and mass transfer, Centillion® reactors allow the process to rapidly achieve the optimum steady state conditions required for quality consistency.


Be it Bioprocessing, aggressive or high energy chemistry synthesis, formulation or multi phase reactions, Centillion® reactors configure to meet the needs of the process and are available in a large choice of materials of construction.


In discovery, process development, or production, Centillion® flow systems can be used in both scale up and scale out strategies. From millilitres to multi tonnage outputs Centillion® can scale and then rapidly facilitate the transition between laboratory and manufacturing.


The range of analytical tools and sensors that integrate with the Centillion® system provide high quality time-resolved data sets for feedback control and analysis. The data can be accessed by ELNs, Quality Control, Enterprise and IoT systems via programming interfaces.


Centillion® uses a feedback control system that adapts to meet a range of needs. From executing Design of Experiment methodologies in the laboratory, self-optimisation of reactions or autonomous control on the production plant, Centillion control systems bring a new level of efficiency to your operation.

Your journey to Deployment

Let us help you upgrade your capability in 4 optional steps depending on your requirements

Discover is an optional and short feasibility study and it the starting point to any journey towards deployment of flow chemistry solutions. A short feasibility project will help scope the target chemical system.
Define is the step where we assist you or fully undertake the transfer of an existing chemistry to flow format in the lab or determine a robust pathway for making a new material in a flow system. With this step a flow process is obtained ready for scale up. At the same time the precise specification of the Centillion ® solution is determined. Depending on your needs, the solution can then be delivered or proceed to the next stage if you require further assistance.
Design is where we determine jointly how the solution is going to be deployed including any optional systems such as sensors, the controller and any upstream and downstream processes in case a complete manufacturing solution is required. In that case, we can assist in a FEED study as required. Furthermore, options to license existing processes from us are available.
Deliver is the final step of the journey where the solution is delivered and deployed to the client. This stage includes any integrations that may be needed. Additionally, training and maintenance plans are agreed upon here.

About Us

Together we can push the boundaries of what's currently possible

Centillion® is a patented platform technology that combines flow chemistry with the power of computing and precision engineering to help manufacturers make valuable materials with unprecedented productivity but with less energy, waste and costs, to address their multi million dollar markets.

This technology is a series of patented building blocks, which when assembled form a continuous flow path. By specifying the properties of these building blocks to match the requirements of the chemical and physical transformations to occur and the measurements to be taken, users can run a multitude of lab experiments automatically, in the knowledge that once proven in the lab, production volumes are just a click away!

What makes us different is our focus on delivering operational excellence for manufacturing in terms of flexibility, control, capacity & footprint. The Centillion® versions for laboratories allow discovery and process optimisation, with scaleup built-in. Therefore, once you have your product you have your manufacturing process.

Centillion® is the result of Research & Development over a number of years and the help of a multi-million pound research portfolio aiming at addressing the needs of the chemistry research and chemical manufacturing communities. We spun out of Cranfield University in 2017 to commercialise our technology and since then we have secured commercial development funding and assembled a world class team of experts. We operate from our pilot facility delivering client projects, refining the technology and developing processes ready to license to operators.

We are a team of expert engineers and scientists from the chemical, process, automation and systems domains. Our team combines decades of experience in R&D and industry in the areas of chemical discovery, synthesis, analytics, process development and manufacturing. We also have an extensive network of collaborators and research institutions that extend our present capability in terms of expertise and facilities. We understand the needs of industrial and research communities and provide a range of solutions and services to help them address their current and future challenges in chemical product, process design and help them take their innovations rapidly to production scale with our flow chemistry platform.

Please get in touch to meet us and find out how we can become your partner of choice for your flow chemistry and continuous chemical manufacturing initiatives.

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We are truly committed to enabling sustainable design & manufacture of chemicals.